Shaadi Khana Dine-in Reservations Closed! 

The Grand Banqueting Suite has been providing premium world-class wedding catering for just under 10 years now and the

COVID-19 outbreak has been the first time in history that we have had to so suddenly come to a standstill. 


Many of you were expecting to attend weddings at The Grand over the next few weeks and unfortunately won't be able to do so due to restrictions in place by the government. There has been a massive craving across Yorkshire for The Grand's Wedding Food!! 


Now, you'll be able to enjoy a full wedding feast, in the comfort of your own home!

Select the options below and book in your 'Banquet for 5' - pre-pay through the website and collect your freshly prepared

'Shaadi Khana'  from The Grand Banqueting Suite in Dewsbury. 

*NEW!* The Shaadi Khana Dine-in Service is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best wedding banquet on offer without the need for a wedding invite! Dress up and enjoy!

We wholeheartedly thank you in advance for your orders,

we know you're going to LOVE the meal you receive. 


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